Generic Access Platform (GAP): Cable Innovation at its Finest.

Netbit Generic Access Platfrom

Introduction Generic Access Platform (GAP) marks the birth of the ultimate cable access node. Intelligent, modular and scalable, GAP will open up opportunities in the cable network like never before. In this article, we are going to examine GAP, what this means for the cable industry, the benefits and what we can expect in the […]

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Case Study: DC Plug Recommendations

DC Connectors

Background: A client recently asked us to recommend an alternative DC plug for their new STBs. The client needed to ensure the plugs were optimised for 12V low power applications (1A 12W and 1.5A 18W).   Problem: The client wanted a DC Plug size that was different from PSUs already deployed to their customers and […]

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Ethernet-USB Adapter PSU


NetBit is currently involved in the development of a wall-mount power supply with integrated Ethernet to USB Adapter capability. Tier 1 operators (providing video via cable or satellite) are under threat from Over The Top (OTT) streaming services e.g. Netflix, AmazonTV and other internet (IP) video streaming services. It has been recognised that there is […]

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7 FAQs for Defining CPE PSUs


The CPE power supply market is predominately made up of fully bespoke or semi-customised product solutions which are tailored to the needs of a specific project deployment. In this article, we are going to look at seven of the key questions that are frequently asked when identifying an optimum power solution for a given application: […]

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CPE Industry Insight: Desktop vs. Wall Mount? 

NetBit CPE power supplies

A trending topic within the CPE power supply industry that raises many questions on the pros and cons of each approach. In this article, we are going to examine the benefits and disadvantages of both formats.   Economics From an economic standpoint, one clear benefit of a wall-mount power supply over a desktop is the […]

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NetBit Appoints New Global Operations Director

Hao Xu NetBit

NetBit Electronics is delighted to announce the appointment of Hao Xu to the senior management team as Global Operations Director. Hao will be based in Shenzhen, China and will be a valuable asset to the team and our customers. Hao graduated in 2001 and After his initial graduation, Hao’s first role was with an internet […]

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