Understanding NetBit PSU Part Numbers

NetBit PSU

Perhaps, like many others, you find it hard to read a PSU part number and make a clear interpretation of what the various letters and digits mean?  This short article breaks it down in simple terms and will hopefully allow you to understand how to specify and also compare alternative models.

Let’s take a look at an example model number from NetBit’s recently launched 42W wall-mount power supply range with part number NBS42D120350VU.

  • In total, the power supply part number has 14 alpha-numeric characters.
  • The first two characters designate that the power supply comes from NetBit (NB= NetBit!)
  • The next character in the series shows if the model is part of a standard product family or a custom model developed for a very specific, customer driven application (S = standard or C = custom)
  • Characters 4 and 5 in the part number sequence are numeric and designate DC output power, in the example 42 means that the power supply belongs to a family with a 42W nominal power output. Note that in some instances the power offered by the device will differ from the nominal rating. To double check the total power you can multiply the output voltage (denoted by characters 6,7and 8) with the output current (characters 9,10,11).
  • The next character, (in this example D) is a letter that we increment each time we introduce a new family series, so in this example the letter D indicates that this particular model is the 4th family of 42W Power Supplies, which NetBit has developed.
  • Following on, character 6,7 and 8 are numeric and designate the DC output voltage to one decimal place, in this case120 means 12.0V DC. For example, if the digits were 051 would mean a DC output voltage of 5.1 V.
  • Next up we have 3 digits indicating the DC output current in multiples of 100mA. In this case 350 therefore indicates a DC output current of 3.5A.
  • Character 12 indicates the case style and orientation:
    • V = Vertical wall mount
    • H = Horizontal wall mount
    • M = Desktop

NetBit PSU

  • The character in the part number is reserved for the AC pin configuration.
    • A= Australia
    • B= Brazil
    • C= China
    • E= Europe
    • I= India
    • K= UK
    • O= Korea
    • R= Argentina
    • S= South Africa
    • T= Thailand
    • U= US, Japan, Taiwan and Mexico
    • 2= Desktop

In addition, to the main 14-character part number discussed above NetBit adds a separate and additional alphanumeric string which is used to identify any small differences which may be required to meet customer specific configurations. This string typically contains between 4 and 7 characters, with the most recent models utilising 5.

Any changes to the DC connector, DC cable length, case colour, customer specific labelling, specific branding or other cosmetic requirements etc are catered for by these “factory codes” which are used for internal configuration control purposes.

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