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The Future of CPE

Intro The CPE (customer premises equipment) industry is constantly evolving with new products and capabilities and there have been two major developments in wireless technologies: Wi-Fi 6 and 5G. This short article takes a quick look at both of these and how they may impact CPE and power supply design. Wi-Fi 6 The next generation

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7 FAQs for Defining CPE PSUs

The CPE power supply market is predominately made up of fully bespoke or semi-customised product solutions which are tailored to the needs of a specific project deployment. In this article, we are going to look at seven of the key questions that are frequently asked when identifying an optimum power solution for a given application:

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NetBit PSU
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Understanding NetBit PSU Part Numbers

Perhaps, like many others, you find it hard to read a PSU part number and make a clear interpretation of what the various letters and digits mean?  This short article breaks it down in simple terms and will hopefully allow you to understand how to specify and also compare alternative models. Let’s take a look

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Universal Range or Single Range AC input?

Introduction A key requirement when specifying a PSU is the AC input voltage range and another consideration within the CPE industry is “universal or single range AC input?” In this article, we will be exploring the pros and cons of each approach. Universal Range Input A universal range input (100-240VAC) is required for use in

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Optimizing PSU Power for Advanced CPE

Diminishing, Oversized and Overpriced We are moving into an age where the method for defining CPE PSU power output is changing. Old methods are becoming obsolete due to conservative power budgeting which leads to designs which are too expensive, too big or both. Cutting edge CPE devices now feature more transient (or on demand) features

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PSU Lifespan
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The Lifespan of a PSU

Introduction An important question that often arises within the power electronics industry relates to the lifespan of a power supply unit. What is the usual lifespan for a PSU and what dictates its life expectancy? In this article, we examine the key factors that determine how long a power supply will last. Power Supply Life

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Netbit Electronics is the only major power supply company focusing exclusively on customer premises equipment (CPE) such as broadband gateways, video set-top boxes and smart home devices.

Our customized power supply designs feature industry-leading efficiency and power density at competitive prices.


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