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Power is often the last element to be defined in the development of electronic systems. For this reason, NetBit rapidly develops modified and custom power solutions to reduce time-to-market and deployment challenges.

Development to full production is typically as little as 12 weeks.

Efficiency & Intelligence

Reduced energy consumption is critical in today's applications. NetBit's high efficiency technologies with advanced control features enable energy schemes that minimize energy consumption.

Power for a Green and Modern World

Recent Applications

custom-open-frame-power-supply-developed-delivered-in-8-weeksNetBit was approached by a contract manufacturer, the first choice supplier provided by the customer had failed to meet the engineering requirements and meet satisfy emission requirements. The Contract Manufacturer...
quickturn-of-high-volume-wall-mount-usb-power-supplyA start up company had only a 2 dimensional concept drawing of a power supply with a loosely defined power supply specification for the external power supply they wanted to have. NetBit assisted the customer to...
quickturn-of-26w-desktop-with-k21-fcc68-requirementsMeeting this OEM customer for the very first time at an expo, the request was pretty simple: “Do you have any 12V-3A Desktop PSU that would fit our need?”,  the engineer at the booth told us that “we are in trouble...


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