Ethernet-USB Adapter PSU


NetBit is currently involved in the development of a wall-mount power supply with integrated Ethernet to USB Adapter capability. Tier 1 operators (providing video via cable or satellite) are under threat from Over The Top (OTT) streaming services e.g. Netflix, AmazonTV and other internet (IP) video streaming services. It has been recognised that there is a need to offer a similar IP delivery service through an ultra-small ‘dongle’ type set-top box (STB).

The resulting power solution has been realised in an exceptionally small form-factor with customised industrial design. The “dongle’ type STB powered by the NetBit adapter can use either WiFi or Ethernet connectivity and due to the innovative architecture requires only 2 external connectors: HDMI port and a 5V USB port to receive both power and data.

Where WiFi connectivity is sub-optimal because of overcrowding on a particular channel or low signal, this PSU design provides an alternative data path to the STB via the PSU’s RJ45 Ethernet connector and converted to standard USB data signal. The PSU is then connected to the STB via either a captive DC power and data cable or a standard USB cable.

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