DC Connectors for CPE PSUs

DC Connectors

NetBit’s PSUs are supplied with a variety of DC plugs and connectors that are compatible with the full array of CPE device applications. This short article looks at the various types of DC plugs that are available and the specific attributes each type holds. 

There are several connector options available for CPE PSUs: 


Standard DC Plugs 

The majority of our PSUs are manufactured with standard DC barrel plugs. These are the most common types of connectors found on consumer power supplies because they offer a simple and cost-effective solution. 

There are dozens of plug sizes available depending upon the current rating of the PSU and the end client’s mating connector design. If you don’t know which plug you need to mate with your connector we can help recommend the best size to use. 


Modified DC Plugs 

All our standard DC plugs can be modified in several ways to the exact needs of the product or use case. Some of the most common modifications include the following: 

  • Right angle plug – useful for minimizing the space required behind the device unit and also allows the cable to hang downwards which is useful for taller CPE equipment like Gateways 
  • Fork n groove tip – this is a modified barrel end which gives a higher cable retention force and can help prevent the cable from being accidentally pulled out of the device 
  • Colour coded tips – the black plastic tip of the plug can be changed to any colour required so it can be colour coded with the power connector or rear panel for easier installation 
  • Modified strain relief – we can modify our standard strain relief tooling for custom lengths, shapes, colours and include custom markings or silk screen printing 


Customized Connectors 

In addition to these two options based on standard DC plugs, NetBit supplies PSUs with customized power connectors. For example, we supply PSUs with USB type connectors including USB-B (mini and micro).  There are some advantages using USB connectors for power connectors in CPE: 

  • The wide availability of standard USB plugs and connectors on the market makes for a cost-effective solution on both the PSU and the CPE device 
  • End users are already familiar with these plugs as they are commonly used on mobile and consumer electronic power supplies 
  • Has the capability to combine data and power in the same plug which can help simplify and reduce the size of the CPE product design by eliminating other USB ports on the rear panel 


In addition to USB-B, NetBit has deployed products many millions of devices which utilise USB-C connectors, some of which are compliant with the USB Power Delivery standard for multiple voltages and intelligent power management. The USB-C connector enables the delivery of both power and data and opens up a vast array of potential applications where the adapter can play a role in the communications function in addition to power provision. 

Whatever the application NetBit can ensure the adoption of a compatible DC connector. If you require a customized connector solution please get in touch via sales@netbit.com or if you would like to find out more about our products, click here.