Audio Transient Power in CPE

NetBit Audio Transient

The integration of audio speakers in advanced CPE products has lead to higher than anticipated peaks in the DC power profile. In this short article, we are going to examine higher transient power in CPE and what this means for CPE PSU design.

New CPE features such as audio speakers can lead to a bigger delta between the typical and transient peak power loads and creates a need for optimized and customizable PSU designs. This bespoke (custom) design approach allows engineers to optimize the nominal power output and customize the transient head-room in a cost-optimized compact size.

A more traditional or conventional PSU design approach which increases just the nominal power output has a few drawbacks: increasing the nominal power rating can significantly drive up the cost of the PSU and standard PSU designs are constrained by the Over Current Protection (OCP) which limits the transient headroom and longer transient currents for audio applications can trigger OCP and interrupt the power supply.

NetBit, in conjunction with a leading PWM IC vendor, has developed a customized PSU PWM IC solution that allows engineers to specify a lower nominal power output and a higher peak transient power capability for audio devices. This proprietary custom PWM IC solution enables a configurable OCP for higher usable power while meeting regulatory safety standards.

CPE devices are continually evolving and adding new features like audio speakers and microphones to enhance the feature set of the product and create brand new customer experiences and services. As the CPE develops so too does the PSU and fully customizable transient power solutions will complement the next generation of CPE devices.

With innovative designs and customizable solutions, NetBit is uniquely positioned to help and collaborate with OEMs and Operators on the PSU design for advanced CPE devices.

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